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Acquisitions Highlights


1. Fourteen architectural drawings of the Heckscher Building, New York, 1920.
Comprised of original drawings on linen by
the architectural firm Warren and Wetmore.
Gift of Richard Bertocci.


2. The City for the People! Campaign Book of
the Citizens’ Union, September–October,
1897 (New York: Citizens Union, 1897).

3. Employment Discrimination in New York
City: A Survey of Gay Men and Women
(New York: National Gay Task Force, 1981).

4. Lewis W. Leeds, Lectures on Ventilation:
Being a Course Delivered in the Franklin
Institute, of Philadelphia, During the Winter
of 1866–67 (New York: John Wiley & Son,
1868). Purchase.

5. Ned O’Gorman, The Storefront: A
Community of Children on 129th Street
and Madison Avenue (New York: Harper
Colophon Books, 1970). Purchase.

6. Proceedings of the Colored National Labor
Convention, Held in Washington, DC, on
December 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 1869
(Washington, DC: Office of the New Era, 1870).



7. Grand Buffalo Hunt! Free of Charge!
Hoboken!! Near the Ferry, on Thursday,
August 31. (New York: W. Applegate, 1843).
Gift of Leo Hershkowitz.


8. John Rink. Central Park Competition Entry
No. 4: Plan of the Central Park, New York,
1858. Ink and colored washes. Purchase, with
the help of the following members of the
Board of Trustees and the Chairman’s
Council: Judith Roth Berkowitz, Barbara
Knowles Debs, Barrett E. Frelinghuysen,